“Then, I had an epiphany—I no longer wanted to be the old me anymore. The old me was boring. This new me drove a bright blue Jeep Wrangler and thought about doing unthinkable, immoral things with a very sexy man who was not my mate.”

I always follow the rules.
Especially the one to wait for your mate.
Don’t flirt. Don’t date. Don’t fall for anyone but your one true love.
But then I meet the mysterious future alpha, and suddenly, I am thinking about doing unthinkable, immoral things with a very sexy man who is definitely off-limits.
That is—until my first crush reappears. Now I’m torn, choosing between two hot, muscular werewolves, and life has gotten complicated. . . They didn’t write a rule book about this!

The Moon Goddess granted me a mate—then regretted it and took her right back.
But who am I to complain?
am the alpha after all.
I’m supposed to have everything I want.
Everything but discipline, self-control, and common sense.
Because that all seems to vanish as soon as I meet her. . .

I totally messed up.
I betrayed my mate before the bond clicked into place.
I didn’t wait. Didn’t hesitate. Didn’t even think it through.
I may have made a huge mess, but I’m going to clean it up. I can handle it. I think. . .

Content warning: As with many paranormal romance novels, this book contains mature adult content, offensive language, and some graphic violence, and may not be suitable for young readers.

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