“Operating on instinct and adrenaline, I sprinted out of the pack’s territory. I had just been caught red-handed killing the man’s father, and deep in my gut, I knew the sentence for that was likely death. Even as a part of me hesitated, something scratching deep within me, tugging me back to that wonderful-smelling man, I ran. I knew I had to run.”

You’d think being raised in a brothel would prepare me for anything. You’d be wrong.

I never expected to find my mother murdered in cold blood. I never predicted I’d hunt down the killer and take his life in exchange. And I sure didn’t imagine the son of my mother’s murderer would turn out to be my mate.
But I guess this is my life now.
Being a werewolf in hiding was no piece of cake, but being a werewolf on the run is even worse…

I don’t think I made a very good first impression.
But to be fair, who meets their mate at their father’s murder scene? A murder where she, evidently, is the number one and only suspect.
It’s disturbing. It’s gruesome. But it’s fate.
And I’ll do anything to see the mysterious woman with distinctive blue eyes again…

***Wolfblood (Book 2 of the Wolfbane series) introduces some new characters and continues Jasmine’s story from the first book. As such, it is highly recommended you read Wolfbane before starting Wolfblood, for context and to avoid spoilers.***

Content warning: This is a paranormal romance novel with dark themes containing mature adult content, offensive language, and graphic violence, and may not be suitable for young readers.

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