“He came closer to me, only centimeters away, his body heat warming me and his eyes fierce. Something about it felt so intimate and sexual. I knew at that moment, if he touched me, I’d give in to him. As much as I thought he was a huge asshole, I couldn’t help but feel an intense attraction to him.”

I have no problem with secrets. It’s keeping my temper in check that’s turned out to be challenging…
How many people can say they made the biggest mistake of their life at twelve years old?
I can.
I killed my wolf before I even had a chance to shift for the first time, let alone meet my fated mate.
To get her back, I’ll do anything, including the one thing that’s forbidden to werewolves. I’m not proud of it, but my pack doesn’t need to know.
Not unless that jerk opens his mouth…

I just wanted a wish granted. Let’s leave it at that.

As an alpha, I never expected to be accused of getting dirty with chipmunks and having my manhood called into question. But I guess that’s where we’re at.
Gigi is equal parts gorgeous and infuriating.
I already have enough problems on my plate, and resisting her is going to be the biggest one…

***Wolfborn is the third book in a series and it is highly recommended you read the first two books before starting this one, for context and to avoid spoilers.***

Content warning: This is a paranormal romance novel with dark themes containing mature adult content, offensive language, and graphic violence, and may not be suitable for young readers.

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